Having an island name in the Mainland is pretty cool. It’s not inexplicable like Grand Island, Nebraska. It’s just sorta quirky like giving your child a name that doesn’t match child’s ethnicity.

That’s the coolness of Aloha, Oregon.

Or, at least, it could have been. See Aloha decided to go a different way with it. They disappointingly pronounce the town, “Ah-lowwa rather than Ah-lo-ha.” By disappointing, means that it’s a waste. It’s like living in a town called Awesome and calling it A-wee-so-may.

The town name predates Hawaii’s becoming one of the good guys, so it is likely that the town name has nothing to do with the word as we know it today. Still, it’s origins are unknown. Best guess? “In 1983 Joseph H. Buck claimed that his uncle, the first postmaster, Julius Buck, named the office “Aloah” after a small resort on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Supposedly the last two letters were transposed by the Post Office Department during the application process.

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