Somebodyisfromhere.com went to a Zombie walk in Asbury Park to learn that the town itself is undead (compliment).

Somebodyisfromhere.com met up with a friend and their friends. He had a lot of time to check his phone. Unfortunately that led to his updating his phone throughout the night:

October 22 at 3:54pm via mobile: At a zombie situation in asbury.

Editor’s note: Asbury Park has an annual Zombie walk. In 2010 it set a Guinness World Record for most zombies in one place with over 4,000 in attendance.

People put a lot of thought into their costumes. Some kids would walk around dragging their feet. Some zombie brides. Makeup stands supplied people with blood.

Somebodyisfromhere.com didn’t dress up per se. He kind of went halfway. He wore a blazer and the most tattered hoodie he owns. He has always found that most Halloween villains are well dressed if not unkempt.

He never did get around to adding the blood. It just didn’t happen. But, hey, he’s naturally pale and that’s sorta undead.

October 22 at 6:33pm: Holy crap. Asbury is awesome.

Editor’s note: Somebodyisfromhere.com went to college near Asbury Park. Asbury was a town known as where Bruce Springsteen would occasionally perform. It also had a reputation for being kind of Camden on the Sea (not compliment). Indeed, the most famous thing about the town was its creepy mural.

Asbury used to also have cheap beer. Somebodyisfromhere.com had a crappy car (but awesome) so he could go in town to buy beer without looking too strange. The lady behind the counter once told him, “All you white boys who come in here look the same, I always recognize you though, because of your big eyes.” Somebodyisfromhere.com didn’t and doesn’t especially know what that means. His eyes are spectacular. Sometimes they are green. Sometimes they are blue (hey, that’s kind of like a mood ring!)

Somebodyisfromhere.com had a friend who rented a college house in Asbury who was held up at gunpoint.

Somebodyisfromhere.com hadn’t been in town in a few years.

Last weekend, he went in town only to find that it was delightful. The town always had a fairly famous convention center. Today, the town isn’t 100%, but the changes have been remarkable. There is a pretty nice boardwalk. There are bars along the boardwalk. Bagel joints too.

The downtown is popping up as well. There are fancy condos and another strip of restaurants.

October 22 at 7:15pm: I see a bunch of obey things. Nice message to go with a zombie walk.

Editor’s note: Shepard Fairey is the guy that created the Obama Hope poster during his historic campaign.

He recently has set his sights on Asbury Park. Some of his stuff says, “Obey.”

October 22 at 10:51pm: I’m going to Start live facebooking: Next bar gives a slice of pizza with every beer. I dont want to go there, inasmuch, as I want to marry it.

Editor’s note: Ignore the premise, of course. All Facebook is live, but Somebodyisfromhere.com was feeling more bloggy than Facebooky.

Somebodyisfromhere.com went to several bars. He started at the Annex and its twin, The Brickwall, before going to some place whose name escapes him. The evening culminated at Johnny Macs. Johnny Macs twitter page reads: A kick Ass authentic Irish Pub with a cool vibe great atmosphere and phenomenal staff. Ice cold beers, delicious drinks and free pizza open to close.


October 23 at 12:24am: I’m Hanging out with a white bald (shaved) man named Tyrone.

Editor’s note: That’s weird sober, right?

October 23 at 1:12am: Windmill!

Editor’s note: There’s an iconic hot dog joint in Central Jersey. The main one looks like you’d expect. The others don’t.

The Windmill in nearby Long Branch

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