Loves His Car…and sorta likes 30 Minutes or Less.

At 29 years old’s longest and most fulfilling relationship was with his 1993 Buick LeSabre. He loved that beast and they were at their best when they worked as a food delivery person.

Maybe that’s why he liked 30 Minutes or Less. This action comedy centers around a pizza delivery man who loves his old beat up Mustang more than any human being rationally should.

That’s about where their similarities end. In the movie, the lead character (played by Jesse Eisenberg) goes out to deliver a pizza only to find two men dressed as apes who eventually strap a bomb to his chest in order to motivate him to rob a bank.

The apes (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) want pizza man to rob a bank so that they can use the loot to pay for a hitman to knock off one of their fathers so they can use the inheritance to open up an illegal business. Well, ok.

The movie isn’t as complex as all that sounds. It’s really about two normal people thrust into a stress filled situation and two morons who hatch up the scheme.

Eisenberg’s roommate is played by Aziz Ansari (hilarious on Parks and Rec). They squabble early in the film because one likes the other’s sister. The fight never really came off as all that real, but of course, the emergency brings them back together.

Eisenberg puts a little space behind his normal slightly-more-talented-than-Michael-Cera neurotic persona. He’s a bit cooler this time. He drives fast. He smoke weed.

Danny McBride does his Danny McBride thing. You either like it or hate it, but you know what you are getting into after already seeing it in Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, and Eastbound & Down. Nick Swardson, meanwhile, somehow landed a prominent billing despite a career as that guy you recognize in bit parts of comedies but never found particularly funny (Reno 911!, Blades of Glory)

The director is Ruben Fleisher who worked with the lead actor previously in the awesome Zombieland and who has apparently rode Eisenberg all the way to landing a cool sounding gig directing an upcoming LA Cops/Gang movie starring Sean Penn, Josh, Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone called Gangster Squad.

30 Minutes or Less is the latest of a string of R rated comedies. It’s a welcome trend. 30 Minutes isn’t the best of them, but it’s solid. It’s safe to say you won’t forget it about it in 30 minutes. Or less.


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