People Who Don’t Like Fireworks are Zealous.

People who don’t like fireworks are a bit zealous. Now, this might require extra clarification. isn’t saying you must like fireworks, only that you mustn’t say you don’t like them.

People often say they don’t like fireworks. They don’t say that they simply don’t want to be inconvenienced by them. They don’t say, “I don’t want to drive to them.” No, they’re saying they don’t like them and they do so with¬†unadulterated fervor.

That’s a bit passionate now isn’t it? It’s like saying you don’t like looking up. So sorry the splendid flashes of light across the nightscape once a year is so terrifically offensive to your precious eyeline. isn’t going to argue that hating fireworks on July4th is like letting the terrorists to win. He won’t suggest that your grumpiness will diminish a time honored tradition that has brought fascination to millions of children. He just wants you to curb your hyperbole.

You don’t hate fireworks. Drama queen.

Fireworks can range in presentation. Some are better than others. Some towns can throw a little more money around. Sometimes they appear with a man-made structure. Often, it’s over some water. Wherever they are, they light up the skies as much as the faces below who watch in wonderment, or perhaps, vague disinterest.

The noise complaints don’t fly, either. Well, unless you are five. Or a dog. Neither read Those miscreants.

Sure, the noise can be loud. At least, if you are beneath the fireworks. Why would somebody who doesn’t like fireworks be beneath them, though? So that dog doesn’t hunt.

Otherwise, it’s just a noise. A noise nestled behind the air conditioner hum. No louder than the church bells or the train. Certainly, better than’s neighbor’s car horns. went to the Philadelphia show hosted by the Roots. Boys II Men made a cameo. Earth, Wind, and Fire and Michael McDonald played. It was a pretty fun time but probably would’ve been better if the Roots just did their thing.

Then the fireworks came. They lit up the Art Museum and the Parkway in front of it for about 15 minutes. Then the skies returned to its natural state.

Did love it? Nah. But, he didn’t hate it either.

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2 Responses to People Who Don’t Like Fireworks are Zealous.

  1. Kaydence says:

    Do you have more great airtcles like this one?

  2. Morrie says:

    Oh yeah, fabuolus stuff there you!

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