Monthly Archives: July 2011 Goes Climaxing (and misses a layup title opportunity)

You might not be surprised that there is town named Climax. People name places some strange things. You might be surprised there are several of them. Continue reading

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Cape Fear

Well, most people are at least fairly sure an area called “Cape Fear” exists. More people know a couple of prominent movies were made to capitalize on the name. Perhaps, enough time has passed from the production of these films (and DeNiro’s menacing stares) that we can step back and figure out what the area name means.

The name comes from the 1585 expedition of Sir Richard Grenville. Sailing to Roanoke Island, his ship became embayed behind the cape. Some of the crew were afraid they would wreck, giving rise to the name Cape Fear. It is the fifth-oldest surviving English place name in the U.S. Continue reading

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Snowflake, Arizona.

You might think that the people who named the town of Snowflake in Arizona just might not have been properly informed of the subtleties that could be enjoyed using irony.  It’s not that it never snows in Arizona – they … Continue reading

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Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat sounds like something you would say to your doctor friend when you want him/her to check your wound for free while off the clock. You might say, “Hey, Bob, put on your medicine hat for a second and check this out.”

In fact, it’s a town in Alberta… Continue reading

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People Who Don’t Like Fireworks are Zealous.

People often say they don’t like fireworks. They don’t say that they simply do not want to be inconvenienced by them. They don’t say, “I don’t want to drive to them.” No, they say they do not like them and they do so with unadulterated fervor.

That’s a bit passionate now isn’t it? It’s like saying you don’t like looking up. So sorry the splendid flashes of light across the nightscape once a year is so hideous to your precious eyes. Continue reading

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