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Ben Franklin . . .Texas?

Recently, came across Ben Franklin, Texas so he decided to look it up. is from the Philadelphia area so he sees his share of Franklin around town. He seems to be a good guy to name a town after what with being a founding father and all that. Texas is a weird choice, though but why not, right? Continue reading

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What’s the Fourth Largest French Speaking city?

What’s the Fourth Largest French Speaking city? Well, the first one makes sense. That’s Paris, you know, the capital of France. Number two is Kinshasa of the Congo. Montreal nabs number three. That makes sense too. Could the fourth city really … Continue reading

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Monticello. (Reprint from President’s Day 2011) spent a good portion of his Saturday at Monticello this past weekend. Of course, he learned about midway through that it was indeed the holiday weekend. This fact alone should make it seem like has some production value. Look, he … Continue reading

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Travel By T-Shirt: Charlottesville, Va.

A slightly more understated shirt is pictured here. It looks like some old dude…it looks like Edgar Allan Poe really, but that can’t be right. Can it? Continue reading

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Traveling in Virginia, came across this statue at Manassas National Battlefield Park. It reads: There stands Jackson Like a Stone Wall. That sounded badass and’s Fourth Grade history is a little sketchy so he looked it up… As the Confederate … Continue reading

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It probably says something about’s life that being locked in a deserted prison at midnight with no lights wasn’t the most stressful part of his week. Continue reading

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Well, long before Charlie Sheen repopularized the word “winner” and then subsequently made us all tired of it, Winner was a town in South Dakota with a population of just under 3,000. According to Wiki, that seems to be gigantic in South Dakota: Continue reading

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