(and the Phillies) Makes History.

If the Phillies do something really important and isn’t present, did it really happen? This question doesn’t have to be answered, because apparently history doesn’t happen unless is there.

Take for example,’s trip to Clearwater for Spring Training this March. He went two consecutive games. While the Phillies sold out a lot of games, they set a record, then beat it, during the two games he went to. Here’s Bill Conlin’s description:

On four consecutive home dates as spring training counted down, the Red Sea – it was a Green Sea on St. Patrick’s Day – overwashed the low-rise, 8,500-seat ballpark that features the same walk-around ambience as Citizens Bank Park. The attendance record of 10,902 for the final Yankees game was topped by two berm-sunning fans the next day against the Red Sox.

* Berm = A mound or wall of earth or sand.

Ryan Madson in Clearwater.

Ok there is probably enough evidence there to prove that was some kind of coincidence. It was getting warmer and people really do like the Red Sox and Yankees.

But then attended his first game in Philadelphia this past month. The Phillies had already played several home games this year. They have also sold nearly 150 straight home games. Yet, when showed up…

45,841 — The attendance number for Monday’s anticipated return of “Roy Hobbs” from a gunshot wound, which marked the highest regular season total in CBP history. How do they continue to top these records? Not in terms of demand, but capacity and the randomness of the sellout total. Just interesting how the count fluctuates and continues to be rewritten.

* Roy Hobbs = Chase Utley.

While that was still fresh, was to go to Wednesday’s two days later. During that 19 inning game, so much crazyness happened that it seemed to even make sense to compare a reserve player to Babe Ruth…

• But wait. We’re not through. As the Elias Sports Bureau reported, Valdez was the first man to start a game in the field and then win it on the mound since that ringer Babe Ruth did it for the Yankees on Oct. 1, 1921, in a game he started in left field. And that’s the first time we’ve ever linked Babe Ruth and Wilson Valdez in the same note, for some reason.

Don’t worry though, might be away this weekend, so no history is likely to happen this weekend. It is ok to go outside for the holiday

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