Changing your town name

Imagine if you are a tiny town named Cassville in West Virginia, nestled in the WV/KY/OH tri-state area, just minding your own business.

Chartered in 1875 you get sick of the local kids who would rub mud on the town’s sign obscuring the first letter leaving just “Assville.”

Assville is not the worst thing in the world, but you can see where that could be bothersome even in the time before search engines. So you set out to better yourself. It’s time to restore civic pride in yourself. You lock yourself in a room and decide you won’t leave until you come up with an alternative. Principally, you are concerned with not wanting to be the butt of jokes made by immature kids.

Bam. It hits you. It’s perfect. They won’t be able to make fun of this name. You will become . . . Fort Gay.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

UPDATE: This wiki page has been updated and no longer contains the Assville story. It does however provide this anecdote:

“In 2010, Fort Gay was in the news when a resident of the town had his Xbox Live account suspended for writing “fort gay WV” as his location, asMicrosoft has language policies that prohibit references to homosexuality. Microsoft customer service representatives refused to believe that Fort Gay existed, and it took an appeal from Mayor David Thompson and media coverage for the issue to be corrected. the event caused anger in the town.”

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