Monticello. (Reprint from President’s Day 2011) spent a good portion of his Saturday at Monticello this past weekend. Of course, he learned about midway through that it was indeed the holiday weekend. This fact alone should make it seem like has some production value. Look, he spends money to be topical!

Of course this does not last long.

Jefferson and his estate are very interesting. During the $17 dollar tour, it is clear the former President had a curious mind. Below the house are the remnants of his fascination with wine and beer. Upstairs, his world exploits are on display with trinkets from here and there and stories of how his abundance of books made it difficult to walk in one room. The house itself remains the beacon to his versatility, though. Jefferson, who also had a lot to do with the design of the University of Virginia, designed much of his residence. somehow does not have a usable picture of any of this. Why not? Well, it’s hard to say really. Instead, he will bestow upon you this marvelous picture of the museum below. Yes,’s production value is just that marvelous.

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