Monthly Archives: May 2011 (and the Phillies) Makes History.

If the Phillies do something really important and isn’t present, did it really happen? This question doesn’t have to be answered, because apparently history doesn’t happen unless is there. Continue reading

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“A Trip to Atlantic City.”

New: May 23, 2011. When does a “Trip to Atlantic City” result in getting blitzed in Pakistan? Well, it’s not a proposed plot for Hangover 3. It’s just spy code for the raid on Osama Bin Laden. “In the end, … Continue reading

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Baker Street.

Archive: 2009. Back then Baker Street was home of a great, albeit fictional, detective. Today, Baker Street is home of a lot of bars… and, well, some other stuff. This millennium, the Baker Street Tube station is one of London’s largest … Continue reading

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Jelly Beans Will Get You Fat (Just not as fat as you would think).

Just 45 minutes outside Milwaukee, and a friend went all Laverne & Shirley at the Jelly Belly Warehouse in Wisconsin. Continue reading

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Philadelphia Sports before winning the World Series in 2008.

Unlike New York and Boston, you don’t celebrate championships in Philadelphia. You celebrate moments. Since 2000 there have only been a few of them. In 2001, Allen Iverson had one of these moments. In the finals, the Sixers were to play the highly favored Lakers who had come into the series as if they were going to play St. Mary’s JV girls. The Sixers out hustled the Lakers eventually winning the first game 107-101 not before Iverson
sank a jump shot over Tyronn Lue and tauntingly stepping over Lue after Lue fell to the wood. This is the kind of moment the blue collar city adores. Everybody has seen David beat Goliath by now, but few have seen it done with so much flair. This being a Philly story, the Sixers went on to not only lose the series, but do so without recording another win. Continue reading

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World Series Parade.

Two days later, though, the game resumed and the final few innings were played. It was a quick conclusion to a short series putting an end to a 25 year long championship draught for the city’s four major sports teams Just two days after that, on Halloween, the city known for negativity dressed up like winners. Continue reading

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How Pat Burrell Explains Philadelphia.

In the end, maybe Pat the Bat and Philly get along so well because they could relate. Having not won a championship since 1983, Philadelphians understood how hard it was to actually win. It was fitting then that Burrell, with his extended slumps, was never one to make the game look easy. Continue reading

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In Bruges.

ARCHIVE 2008. Colin Farrell plays an Irish hitman hiding out in Belgium in his new movie, In Bruges. Farrell, an Irishman, gives his best performance to date mostly because he drops the cocky swagger he uses while playing Americans. Farrell’s character and the character … Continue reading

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Why is Jamaica so Good at Running?

This mindset translates into culture, as well. When asked to name the top sports of Jamaica he said, “Sprints, Football, Cricket, Netball, then Others.” Not only did Gayle give it the top spot, but where as would refer to the number one sport as track or running, Gayle implies it’s all about the short distance race. Continue reading

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Changing your town name

Imagine if you are a tiny town named Cassville in West Virginia, nestled in the WV/KY/OH tri-state area, just minding your own business.

Chartered in 1875 you get sick of the local kids who would rub mud on the town’s sign obscuring the first letter leaving just “Assville.” Continue reading

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