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Park Anywhere.
<<< Somebodyisfromhere.com watched the finales of
Lost, 24, and Law & Order back to back to back on Monday
Now, he has his life back and he spent that extra
time checking out
this website that lists the parking rates of
16 of the U.S.'s biggest cities along with the airport parking
in several other towns. Useful for daily rates, it is at it's most
navigatible for monthly options. Still, it's pretty inventive and
everybody likes parking at predetermined fixed rates in
areas that are fairly close
to, but not quite at, their desired
The finales went as expected. Somebodyisfromhere.com watched Law & Order last. It
was evident that the creators were not certain the show would be cancelled. It was
just a normal case, ripping a student privacy case from the headlines, that managed
to find time to end on a positive note for one of the stars (S. Epatha Merkerson's Lt.
Van Buren).

Somebodyisfromhere.com watched
Lost first on his laptop. After years of buildup, the
show ended pretty much the way everybody expected it to.

Sandwiched in between was
24. The season was filled with sensational surprises
including deaths of two of the year's main players. The finale was restrained in
comparison. It was corny, a little violent, and displayed Eriq La Salle rockin' an
African accent before soberly ending with the iconic clock counting down the last few

Bestparking.com, on the other hand, was better than expected.

Somebodyisfromhere.com first found the site while helping a friend look for monthly
parking cheaper than her future university offered. Bestparking.com provides prices
for the month where the green cars are situated in the featured picture. The method for daily parking changes a bit because they fluctuate, but it's
a similar style.

Bestparking.com offers this tool for 16 cities. These are some of America's largest. 15 of them are large enough to host NBA teams (sorry
Baltimore) while 14 have NFL teams (take that Portland and Sacramento).

Flying? Somebodyisfromhere.com counted 67 links to the parking facilities of airports from Albany to Anchorage.

Enjoy your trip. And don't forget to pay the machine before returning to your car.